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Mar. 14th, 2016 05:51 pm
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Hey, it's Eon! Here's the stuff I have up for grabs.

- Payment accepted only via PayPal to eonflamewing@gmail.com, thank you!
- If you have plurk, I'm on at [plurk.com profile] eonflamewing!
- I live in Singapore, so shipping costs will be calculated accordingly.
- All prices will be in USD, unless you can pick it up from me physically, then it will be in SGD.
- If you'd like additional info about anything here, shoot me a PM or a comment and I'll get back to you asap.
- Feedback for my stuff on Dreamwidth can be found here!
- For questions and concerns, just lemme know.
- My previous sales post used to be here, the comments are still intact.

Last updated: 14th March 2016

Proxy service
I regularly order things from AmiAmi, Tenso and sometimes Buyee. If you'd like to group buy and save on shipping costs, just let me know! I have monthly orders from AmiAmi, and semi-frequently buy stuff from the other two stores, so yeah.

I also live in close proximity to three merch stores, which means if you're looking for something I can try and get it for you!

There will be a 15% commission on top of the merch price, since unfortunately the biggest store requires bus fare and other traveling expenses to ensure I can send your things fast. The final cost will be (Item Price + 15% commission) + shipping fee.

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Items for sale

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If you've bought something from me, it'd be great if you left some feedback! I'm always open to crit and to improve, so it'll be good if you could let me know where I might have slipped up.

When you receive your stuff, please comment here \o/

My previous feedback post is here!
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Hello everybody, it's Eon! So right now I'm waiting for news on my university applications and also looking for a job that would hire me, but I haven't got either of them yet so that makes me a NEET. I'd like to earn a bit of spending money on the side so I can buy some artbooks to scan and translate, as well as get some gifts for my family and friends. If you could help me out, that would be super.

Here's what I have!

I have my sales page right over here! Not only do I have some merch, I also provide a proxy service from the Japanese goods store in the city area. Some of these are discontinued from online stores, so if you're looking for a piece that's out of stock, chances are that I can get it here. Major fandoms include Touken Ranbu, Utapri, Haikyuu, Free, Love Live, the famous ones.

I make icons and graphics in my spare time, so if you guys have need for some I can help with that too.

You can see more samples on my musebox here, as well as here, here and here for some of my unposted icon sets.

My rates are $5 for 100 icons if you provide the screencaps/raw images, and $10 for 100 if you don't provide the screencaps and I torrent the anime episode and cap it myself.

I have a decent knowledge of HTML and things so I can code rp navi pages and stuff from scratch! I haven't fully learned dw CSS yet, but I can also do web design things.

Samples include my personal site, and one of the navi pages I've done. These come at $2 a pop.

I can do translation in two languages, Japanese and Chinese! I'm more proficient with the latter than the former, but both are okay.

I will translate doujins and typeset/photoshop adjust quality for you all at once. I can also do plain text if that's what you prefer owo for JP it would be $1 for 3 pages and for CN it will be $1 for 5 pages, for plain text. Typesetting has extra charge because some manga have lots of sfx and that might take time for me to arrange it. This might vary depend on how simple/difficult the thing is!

I can't do NSFW right now because my work computer has a huge screen and it's in the living room |D sorry about that.

I have a typesetted simple doujin here, and I also have my ongoing translation of one of the Utapri games here.

Completed Commissions:
1. My Student Isn't Photogenic - a One Punch Man doujin, commissioned by [plurk.com profile] fancyfennekin.

Payment will be taken in USD to my paypal, eonflamewing@gmail.com. That's about all for now! Thank you for reading!
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Hello everyone, this is Eon! I'll be splitting this rubber strap box for now, so this will be the info post about the orders!

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Everything here. Feel free to edit the tables as needed!

text in [brackets] indicate things that should be filled in according to the month/if round :D